How To: Pin on a Boutonniere

Ladies on your way to prom, take note!  Learn how to pin on a boutonniere and avoid the embarrassment of your mom having to do it for you.  Or be the best bridesmaid ever and make sure all the groomsmen look picture perfect for the big day.  Or you can be the classiest guy ever and be able to handle this grave responsibility on your own.

You'll find the boutonniere in a clear box or bag.  There should be one or two pins attached.  So far so good.

First things first: the boutonniere belongs on the man's left.  Make sure you don't place it too low, or it will look sloppy.  Now that the boutonniere's in place, you can worry about pinning it securely.  It's not that difficult, just remember that the pin will start and end on the inside of the jacket.

Poke the pin out from the inside of the lapel to the side of the boutonniere.  

Maneuver it over (not through) the stem of the boutonniere and poke it back through the lapel.  This is when you want to try really hard not to impale your victim.  The pin should rest on the inside of the lapel.

You're done!  Make sure to check out "How To: Pin on a Corsage."